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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Lauren Chalupnik24/Female/United States Groups :iconjakdaxobessed: JakDaxObessed
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Goggle Fight! Tower Edition - Work in Progress by LoorTheDarkElf
Goggle Fight! Tower Edition - Work in Progress
WHAT IS THIS?! It appears to be some art from the VoW series... though this most certainly did not happen in the first book. I just had this idea the other night and... well, I couldn't resist. XD Right now I'm at a donation center for plasma, and this is as far as I got before they called my number into the other waiting room where I can't draw because there's no table. XD 
Failure to Blend - 08 - Hit The Showers by LoorTheDarkElf
Failure to Blend - 08 - Hit The Showers
Yknow, I thought this page was gonna be less difficult because, in the original script, there wasn't gonna be any dialog... then I sketched it out, and it ended up being much more complex than planned, and then I realized I needed SOME words... so here we are. About 8 hours of work later, and it's done. I am SO sorry I missed last week's comic, but things were busy 'round here. Hopefully this will be the start of getting back on track with the once-a-week schedule. 

Love you all, peace!
Failure to Blend - 07 - Watched by LoorTheDarkElf
Failure to Blend - 07 - Watched
Paranoid Ari is Paranoid. 

I will also take this moment to make an artistic note; while this is a black and white comic, that choice was made to sort of show how Aristel sees the world. Not to suggest she's color blind, but rather to suggest that what she senses through her empathy is much more intense to her. Through selective coloring, I hope to give greater impact to her powers, which are rather subtle in their usage most of the time. 


Lauren Chalupnik
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
HOLY CRAP It's been a long time since we've updated this. Alrighty, I am a digital artist who works with MS Paint and Paint.NET, usually producing fanart but original art does happen every now and again. My major fandoms (right now) are Jak and Daxter, Batman, and Naruto. I write fanfiction often with the use of OCs, and am the Author behind the Vacation or War series on

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the time has come. I am finally opening myself up for artistic commissions. You can find many examples of my work both here and here. Let’s talk about how this is going to work. 


For my own security to ensure I do not spend hours on a piece only to find out my client cannot pay me or was never planning on paying me, clients will pay me 5$ USD upon beginning their commission. This pays for the first hour of work. If you were only commissioning a small sketch or head-shot, and it is finished within an hour, I will consider the work fully paid for. After that, my rate is 10$ USD an hour. Once a piece is finished, I will require full payment of its final price before posting it to my gallery on DA, as well delivering the image file to the client’s e-mail, if requested. 

:But Loor, how do I know you’re being honest about your work time?:

All commissions will be recorded on medium-quality via LiveStream. As far as I know, this is a record that can’t be tampered with of time I have spent working, and clearly documents exactly how much time was taken on a piece, a record that anyone can check. Also, as a bonus, you can watch as your commission takes shape, though I will not be interacting with the chat-box as I do not want to be distracted. 

:What you can ask for: 

The artist is comfortable with sexual themes between all kinds of couples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or number of participants. However, I will not create art of obvious pedophilia, rape, or other non-consensual acts. Also, for sexually explicit pictures, I will require that the client provide some kind of visual reference of the position/pose they want. 

I am fully comfortable with drawing OCs, but again, request some kind of visual reference on what they look like. Same goes for drawing canon RP muses for which the mun has a specific FC in mind. 

Other than that, the field is pretty open. 

:Okay, sounds cool, how do I hire you?: 

Send a message on my Tumblr [], through the messaging system on DeviantArt, or to my e-mail . In the case of messages that can be titled, title it ‘Commission’ and include a description of what you want, any limitations in budget I should know about, if there’s a specific style of art you would like for the piece, and links/attachments/photos of any applicable reference material. Also, if you happened to see my advertised elsewhere, please include the username of whomever was promoting or recommended me. I will respond to ask questions if I need clarification, decline the commission if I feel it is outside of my ability to deliver a quality product, or confirm, give an estimate on how much it should cost, and provide instructions for the hiring payment to go to my PayPal account. Once that is received, I will begin work, all of which will be recorded via LiveStream. 

:I love your work, but I can’t afford you. Is there an option for the broke people of the internet?: 

Yes! yes there is. If a client hires me and mentions that you promoted/recommended me/they heard about me from your blog/website/whatever, I will award you a free hour of work! I will keep track of free hours on my computer, as well as notify you that someone mentioned you. You can use this free hour right away for a free sketch or mugshot, or something else small, or you can save them up for something bigger. You can also use these free hours to knock down the price of a larger commission. For example: You have three free hours, and commission me for a piece that takes five. Those three free hours knock 30$ USD off of the price, resulting in you only having to pay 15$

Free hours can also be used to wave the 5$ hiring/first hour fee, but I will always use them to knock off full-priced hours first.

And yes, I will always ask clients where they heard of me if they fail to mention it initially. 

So! Them’s the ropes. If this goes well, I may give my commissioning work a devoted blog of its own. Either way, I look forward with doing business with you. :)

  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Reading: Sherlock
  • Watching: Star Trek: Voyager
  • Playing: Prototype
  • Eating: Not a lot
  • Drinking: Water

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Daxter is going to look awesome with that gene! Did you completly gene him or did he already have Eye Spots and Underbelly? Would you at all mind if I sent over a friend request? My username is the same with the exception of the dashes.
LoorTheDarkElf Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I gened him from scratch, was originally gonna change him to a fae but I didn't think it was worth the treasure, I've got other projects that are higher priority. And feel free!
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