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Lynn woke up to a sound that most would have missed-- a bump in the night that might have frightened a child, or irritated a parent. She, on the other hand, was a sister, and a big sister at that, and the bump in the night that roused her was the same one that had awakened her on many other nights.
It was the sound of her little brother falling out of bed.
It was pronounced thud that was deadened by two doors and an intervening hallway between their rooms, but she still came out of her own sleep with a start. Without hesitation she was upright, pulling a long fuzzy robe over her underclothes and hastily tripping her way across her bedroom floor over half-built zoomer parts and dirty laundry that never quite made it to the basket in the corner. With only one stubbed toe and minimal swearing, she'd landed her hand on her doorknob, easing it open and padding across the hall in the pitch black of the house. What time was it? Nevermind, it didn't matter
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The Kitten and the Wolf - Bonus Chapter [NSFW] :iconloorthedarkelf:LoorTheDarkElf 5 9
What's new from my desk.



And, not for the first time, I'm reminded why a lot of forums choose to disable picture sharing. 
And only today discovered that there are forums. 

Good freakin' christ I can be thick. 

Follow Me!
"C'mon, we've got someone savin' us a spot! ... assuming Fury hasn't jumped in the water, already." 


Hey, look, another piece that got COMPLETELY out of hand when all I wanted was to make a sketch. What started as some motion-pose-practice became Loor dragging Jak along for the Haven City fireworks celebrating the Anniversary of the end of the metal head wars. Loor drags Jak along after their two youngsters, Lynn and Koijo. Ryan is along to help keep an eye on the toddlers, which means Mikey is somewhere in the crowd, or he's part of the group holding the family's spot... which is good, because there is no doubt that Fury would NOT be able to resist jumping in the water. 

This piece was a lot of work, but I feel it was worth it. I won't call it fun, it was frustrating, but I finished it despite my difficulties. 

Loor, Ryan, Lynn, and Koijo all belong to me. Do not use without permission. 
Loor is Thinking
Have a sketch of Loor thinking entirely too hard, and Dax being unhappy about it. This happened a lot in the stories XD. I am unsure if I will finish this sketch, but I wanted to upload it anyway. If someone is feeling frisky and wants to finish it off for me, I certainly won't argue.

Loor belongs to me, please do not use her without my express permission. 
Tataki: High Priestess and Third Stahka of Jiaal
"I will unite the temples. I will not give the title of Stahka to my daughter, but the title of Empress." 


Second-born in a set of twins, Tataki and Pijami appeared to be destined to maintain the balance. Identical twins, sun-born and shadow-born, the whole of the continent knew of their birth within a fortnight of their first cries, and many members of the faith praised it as a sign that peace and prosperity would reign as long as the two lived in harmony... sadly, harmony is something they never achieved. While Tataki and Pijami were near inseparable as small children, their paths diverted when Pijami made her choice to apprentice her father instead of submitting to the temple for training as a priestess. Tataki was aware of the expectations of herself and her sister, and knew that without Pijami the hopes of the people would rest upon her and her alone. She accepted the task to stand as high priestess over both temples of Jiaal, but gained an overwhelming resentment for her twin that would morph and twist into an intense suppressed loathing as they became adults. 

Tataki considers her sister both childish and selfish, both in her abdication of the faith and the throne. Serving both as the leader of the faith and leader of the city, her style of managing both has become somewhat ruthless to avoid wasting time and effort, giving her a merciless reputation with the people that leads to the assumption that she cares not for the common woman. That said, with her sister as Keeper, she does maintain the peace in Jiaal and the surrounding lands. 

Like her mother, Tataki's marriage was a careful political move to secure influence with other families and cities. Krast, her husband, is the son of the high priestess of Viri. Such a marriage could not secure a full alliance, but would at least promise that Viri's army would never be turned towards Jiaal without an extremely just cause. Unfortunately, between the stresses of temple and state, Tataki's attempts to produce an heir resulted in a morbid number of miscarriages. Despite having wed young, she has only birthed a single child-- a daughter, named Nina. 

Tataki is part of the Cohime story and belongs to me, do not steal, do not use without permission. 

I'm likely moving to Guam for four and a half years, starting in November. I'm getting things set up to rent out my house so we don't have to sell it. I'm trying to play current titles to keep up with work. I'm hanging out with my friends, who are cool people.

When alone, I feel intensely exhausted. I can't bring myself to care about anything. I don't want to move. 

I need to do something. Something for myself. Something selfish and fun, that I can just love for the sake of when it's finished. When was the last time I made something, anything, specifically for me and me alone? It's been a while. I draw things I like, yes, but I have to rationalize the effort I put into the bigger pieces by telling myself other people will like it, too. When there's not much response, I feel like I'm fooling myself. Excusing myself. Excusing myself for all the time and effort I put into something no one cares about but me. 

Do I need permission? Recognition? My time is my own, I like what I like... but I don't feel like I like it anymore. 

Is this more of what she did? The fucking leech that lived in my house and siphoned off my life for a year and a half? Was this part of the horrible feedback loop she created when I made works for her? The simplest little scribble of her favorite characters sent her squeeing through the roof. It's one of the reasons why Aristel got so much quick work made of her and Jonathan-- I had someone in my home, responding intensely to that work, making me feel appreciated; but that appreciation was attached to a toxic relationship that I rightly cut out of my life. 

Am I craving something that's inherently bad for me? 

I don't understand it. I'm trying to. 

This might make some people worry about me. I assure you, I'll be okay. I will not apologize for making people worry; I'll simply thank you for caring about me. 

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Best advice I was given when exploring the forums was to lurk before posting anything. 
In time, you'll find the different sub groups and the forum regulars (most are friendly!)

Enjoy a new side of deviantART !

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And hush, the Dalek GIFs are adorable :heart: 
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Yeah, I unfortunately saw that.
Some people need help, but you did the right thing.

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