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Drak: First Son of Stahka Halai
"Tataki used to be a much sweeter girl. Before she realized she had the world in her hands." 


Drak, first child of Stahka Halai; a healthy Wind-born son who turned out to be just as restless as everyone expected. Despite his nature, Drak did exactly as was expected of him and wed a wealthy baroness before his fifteenth autumn, and fathered three sons of his own in the following decade, with another child on the way and the couple rather hopeful for a daughter. An adult in his own right, he has trained in archery and horsemanship to compete in sporting events at the pleasure of his wife, and other noblewomen who delight in watching their husbands compete against one another. 

Drak does not dislike his life in Jiaal, but he may hate the city itself; the way that people cram in behind walls, and act as if that is the very best place in the world to be. If given the chance, he would travel the world, seeing all it has to offer-- sadly, he has his responsibilities to his wife and family, and leaving would ensure he would not be welcome if he ever returned. His wife, Neelah, knows this and affords him as much freedom as is considered 'proper', and even then there are whispers that she simply lets him run about at he pleases.

When younger, Drak did all he could to liven up the lives of his younger sisters as they began training for their future vocations. As a son of the ruling family, he could get all sorts of toys and treats, and secretly smuggle them to his younger siblings as a way to brighten their day and distract from their practice and toil. He doted over Tataki in particular, who grew more and more distant as she shouldered more responsibility within the temple. 

More than anyone, Drak does not want to believe that Tataki had something to do with their mother's untimely death. 
Miraak: Husband to the Stahka and Dragonmaster
"Flight is the ultimate expression of trust between dragon, rider, and wind." 


Miraak, Halai's husband, father of most of her children, and a dragonmaster of Jiaal. 

Born in Bokuriki, Miraak was originally the son of a family rivaled with Halai's own, both lines vying for power within Jiaal. When Halai decided their wedding would unify their families and turn their petty squabbling into the strength of combined resources, she knew she'd have to be clever to make the arrangement. Miraak's family would never just give one of their sons away to their rival without some kind of negotiation that would stall the affair while terms were drawn up. Instead, Halai simply invited Miraak and his family to visit the city of Jiaal as guests of the Stahka. Eager to be close to power, the offer was taken at once, and Halai carefully avoided presenting herself as the heir to the Stahka, instead approaching her rival family and intended groom as a local guide who could show them the city.

Under this guise, Halai was able to separate Miraak from the rest of his family, and take him on a particularly special tour; to the top of the Stahka's palace, where Jiaal's dragons came and went with their riders through the place known as Dragon's Roost. Here, Miraak fell utterly in love, charmed by the noble beasts and their airborne grace. Here, too, Halai revealed herself as the Stahka's daughter and heir to the city. She told Miraak that if he wished to live in Jiaal and learn more of dragons, she would wed him and ensure he was free to do so-- but they would need to do so quickly and before his family could attempt to interfere. 

In the dawn hours of the very next day, in the middle of the temple square, a royal wedding took place. Halai had told her mother of her plans, and the Stahka made the preparations in the darkness of night. When first light touched the square, glittering off of the spire of Ejis's temple, Halai and Miraak were wed-- all as Miraak's family still slept, unaware that their son had just become the husband of the next Stahka, and that they no longer held any right over his life. 

Of the eight children that Halai bore, Miraak is aware that is not the father of all of them. It matters not, as he dotes upon each and takes his role in raising them rather seriously, more so after Halai died. 
Halai Heotinohess: Second Stahka of Jiaal
"My mother did not defend these walls to see them crumble from within."


Working on Cohime? What makes you say that? XD 

Ladies and gents, might I introduce Halai; daughter of the first Stahka of Jiaal, granddaughter of the Taker of Jiaal-- an act that granted the family their surname; Heotinohess-- Siege mistress 

Sadly, much like many rulers of fledgling empires, Halai will find her life cut short by the squabbles of her children as they fight among themselves over the right of succession. Unlike her mother and grandmother, Halai turned her mind from war to peace, trying to unify the city of Jiaal with the other major city-states into a single empire. With her focus on the politics of getting warring nations to agree to peace, assassination found her within her own home. 

Despite being Chaos-born, Halai found herself not with a craving for a chaos, but and understanding of it-- one she parlayed into a number of clever political moves to secure truces, alliances, and resources with other powers on the continent. Not least of these was her own marriage to Miraak; the son of a rival family in Bokuriki, their union solidified an alliance that gave the city of Jiaal access to the skilled masons of their previously rival city for the repair and maintenance of Jiaal's walls-- a move that came in handy not even a year after when Jiaal faced siege from another rival city-state. 

Halai had a total of eight children before she was assassinated at the age of thirty-six, passing the role of Stahka to her eldest daughter, Pijami. However, Pijami abdicated, and left the role to her twin sister, Tataki. 
FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE JAK AND DAXTER OC CLUB, THE WRITING CONTEST IS BACK!! And before you go "Loor, I don't really care about the writing contest", YOU CAN GET FREE ORBS FOR READING AND CRITIQUING OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK! How cool is that shit? 
Nina Mugshot
I was practicing some old shading and texture techniques, and Nina was my guinea pig, so here you go. 

Yes, Nina is now a person of color. I realize there is old art of her as Nafiea (whom she becomes later in her life) who is very very white, but there is something to be said for growing up a bit, realizing your sample of the population was not an accurate sample of the world, and adjusting the cast of a story to better reflect the world that one actually lives in. Also she's fucking beautiful with the blue hair that Nafiea gets. You'll see. 

I need to sketch the faces of everyone in the family, now that I think about it... blurg. 

Nina and Nafiea are mine and part of the Cohime story. Please do not steal or use without permission.
I'm likely moving to Guam for four and a half years, starting in November. I'm getting things set up to rent out my house so we don't have to sell it. I'm trying to play current titles to keep up with work. I'm hanging out with my friends, who are cool people.

When alone, I feel intensely exhausted. I can't bring myself to care about anything. I don't want to move. 

I need to do something. Something for myself. Something selfish and fun, that I can just love for the sake of when it's finished. When was the last time I made something, anything, specifically for me and me alone? It's been a while. I draw things I like, yes, but I have to rationalize the effort I put into the bigger pieces by telling myself other people will like it, too. When there's not much response, I feel like I'm fooling myself. Excusing myself. Excusing myself for all the time and effort I put into something no one cares about but me. 

Do I need permission? Recognition? My time is my own, I like what I like... but I don't feel like I like it anymore. 

Is this more of what she did? The fucking leech that lived in my house and siphoned off my life for a year and a half? Was this part of the horrible feedback loop she created when I made works for her? The simplest little scribble of her favorite characters sent her squeeing through the roof. It's one of the reasons why Aristel got so much quick work made of her and Jonathan-- I had someone in my home, responding intensely to that work, making me feel appreciated; but that appreciation was attached to a toxic relationship that I rightly cut out of my life. 

Am I craving something that's inherently bad for me? 

I don't understand it. I'm trying to. 

This might make some people worry about me. I assure you, I'll be okay. I will not apologize for making people worry; I'll simply thank you for caring about me. 

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